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After years of online shopping, we are here to review and discuss some of the top products we have purchased and come across. From to small, niche skincare sites, we aspire is to bring you the best of the best.  Like millions of others, a large chunk of our purchases are from Amazon and we want to share with you what we love and also what didn’t meet our expectations. Because our reviews tend to be long, the top of several articles contains a short synopsis with pros and cons why we love it and where to order. We like these short bullet points for readers on-the-go.


Like many of you, packages arrive to our doorstep from more often than we like to admit. Our editors have spent years purchasing and testing products from Amazon and we like to think we know what works. You will find many sites that review numerous Amazon products in one article. We are different in that we give voice to usually only one product we love the most in that category. Why? Because we have purchased these items with our own money. We aren’t comparing products we haven’t purchased. Keep in mind that not all review sites have tried a product before writing about it, but we have. On occasion, we will do a “best of” post because we have purchased all of those items and they are each worth mentioning. A ‘best of’ write-up may sometimes contain an additional product we haven’t tried or one that’s on our wishlist. Glossy Shops clearly states products we have not purchased.


We test the waters so you don’t have to. We will never recommend something that we don’t love and use, and think worthy of your wallets and your time. We value our readers and thank you for visiting Glossy Shops.