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The Best Product to Regrow Eyebrows

Perhaps you are in Glossy Shops dilemma: loathing overly done Instagram eyebrows, but also realizing that your own brows are lacking. Have you recently found yourself wanting fuller brows? Looked in the mirror, zeroed in on your brows and noticed thinning areas or possibly even bald spots? Yes, I have to both questions!


Glossy Shops current obsession for the best eyebrow growth is a gel called Rapid Lash.


(If you are in a rush, we quickly highlight the pros and cons. Please feel free to read more, or bookmark this article to come back to when you have time to read the full review.)


Rapid Lash is a growth enhancement product for the eyebrows and the best part is that it actually works. There’s something about a fuller brow; here at Glossy Shops we feel like it just frames the face better.



– It works. Started seeing results in 2 weeks.

– Stays put on eyebrows. Doesn’t drip to other areas of the face.

– Fast shipping.



Tube only lasted 4 weeks.

– Tube should contain more product.

–  Resulted in a few small flakes, but easy to wash off in morning.

– Some people reported it made their eyes red. I did not notice this.


Simply put, Rapid Lash works and I plan to re-purchase until I’ve reached my eyebrow goals. It’s the best eyebrow growth product we have tried- at least up until this point.

Get started filling in your brows the natural way!


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Nice brows make your eyes pop and frame the face. Have you recently noticed your eyebrows thinning or perhaps wondered why they aren’t as full as they once were? Thinning brows are something many of us begin to notice as we age or they may appear less and less from over plucking. Eyebrows shape our face and help communicate expression. The perfect brows are often marketed as a beauty necessity or a feature geared only towards females, but for both women and men alike, they are literally a part of our face. Brows are not solely a marketing tool for the beauty industry; although it often seems that way. Most of us are born with eyebrows and they fill in as we reach a certain age. If you are lucky, they remain full well into adulthood and beyond. Sadly, not all of us are blessed with magical unicorn eyebrows that last us a lifetime. If you naturally have fuller brows, you will definitely notice a different look about your face when they begin to thin out. Where the top part of your face and eyes once looked framed and prominent, that area may begin to look pale as brow hair becomes sparser. We’ve also noticed thinking brows have a tendency for the eyes to look tired. No matter your age or your gender, it’s good to maintain healthy eyebrows.


I started examining my brows after complaining to friends about the Instagram brow phenomenon. (For the record, I find some of them hideous.) We call them Insta Brows. So in a way, my brow journey came about via the influence of the beauty industry and social media. I’ve always had full brows and only plucked them a few times in college. But by my 30’s they started to thin. I knew they looked different when my mom asked me why I didn’t fill them in with a pencil. Initially, her question rubbed me the wrong way because I’m not a big makeup person and for her to say that must mean they were starting to look bad. With full Instagram bows on my mind and a random comment from a relative, I dove into researching the best product to promote eyebrow growth.


Instagram Brows are Hideous

The overly filled in brows with prominently squared off darkened corners currently filling your Instagram feed are absolutely hideous. They don’t look natural. On an iPhone screen they seem dramatic and a bit over-the-top, but seeing them out in the wild at a pharmacy or grocery store is a completely different level of madness. (Actually, it’s perhaps a level of misplaced taste than sheer madness.  Maybe the two are interchangeable.)

My reaction seeing overly darkened and filled in Insta brows out in the wild.

I’m still astounded when I see these dramatic, almost clownish, brows in public, but it put my mind in motion. If prominent, painted on brows are the must-have facial feature, then where does that leave me? After months of constant ‘grams’ of dramatic brows and a relative wondering why I didn’t pencil in the sparse bits, I started to pay attention. I’m a skincare girl through and through. I’m 100% about retinol and sunscreen so I don’t stare into a mirror several times a day. However, I really started to concentrate on my brows and eyelashes. Maybe these heavy handed eyebrow people were on to something. Eventually, I concluded there must be a halfway point between a nice natural eyebrow and overly dramatic.


Friends and Amazon

One weekend I emailed a friend inquiring if she’d tried any sort of eyebrow growth products. And like most normal people, I also did a quick Google search. Sometimes asking Google is an existential trick question; you may already know the answer. After several back and forth emails I was pointed towards a product an actual human and a search algorithm both agreed upon. How odd and how does that even happen? I couldn’t put Rapid Lash in my Amazon cart fast enough. The reviews of this product are great and I will state that many of them seem honest. It’s hard to trust reviews anymore so I basically side eye them with a grain of salt. However, Rapid Lash reviews seemed honest; especially the posters that included before and after pictures. I ordered the tube with a flat brush. It’s geared towards eyelashes, but don’t let that fool you. It works just the same for eyebrows. Within two days the grey tube packed with a lot of hope and miracles was in my hand. The plan was to apply it after my evening shower while watching TV.


How Does it Feel?

After testing Rapid Lash on the back of my hand, I concluded it’s a cross between a gel and a serum. Clear in appearance, it’s not too liquid-y or goopy. (I purchased the tube with a flat brush instead of the one with the eyebrow spoolie. I feel I’m able to apply and layer Rapid Lash better with the flat brush.)


I preferred Rapid Lash with the flat brush for eyebrow application and not the spoolie.

After applying to your brows, don’t fret about it seeping down to your eyes or other regions of your face. It stays put. This product is much better than castor oil for eyebrows. Why? Quicker results and it doesn’t drip into your eyes or on your cheeks. I’ve used serums and liquids in my skincare regime that have a tendency to drip and cause eye congestion. Thankfully, with Rapid Lash this isn’t the case. I love its texture and consistency and the fact it doesn’t budge from the area of application. With a very light hand, I’ll still use castor oil on my brows every now and then, but it’s such a mess. I like castor oil maybe once every two months for a super light conditioner. With Rapid Lash there is no worry about applying too much and it running down your face.


Week One

I applied Rapid Lash every evening making sure to layer the problem areas. The sparsest areas of my brows are the outer edges. Those pesky bald areas my mother suggested to pencil in. The first morning I noticed small flakes in my brows. That is the biggest drawback about this serum is that often develops little flakes. However, I do believe nearly any eyebrow growth product you apply directly to your problem areas will have the same result. Don’t fret, the gel doesn’t cause an abundance of flakes, only a few which easily slough off when you wash your face in the morning. The first week I noticed no difference. I looked in the mirror multiple times a day hoping to see fuller, natural brows. Nothing. Zilch. I hoped for a miracle that first week, but the logical side of me knew a product like this takes diligence. And let’s face it, seven days is not a lot of time.


Week Two

Week two is when I noticed new growth. It’s exciting to look in the mirror and spot super small hairs starting to sprout. By no means were the out corners full, but my brows were definitely responding to Rapid Lash. To answer the question if this really works, the quick response is: YES. Absolutely Rapid Lash works and I saw results within 10 days. Ten days is incredibly fast for new growth results. It’s such a great feeling and relief to know that a product actually works and does as its advertised and marketed. I’ve spent more than I care to admit on products that end up being nothing more than snake oil. By the end of week two a few more new brow hairs appeared. Because parts of my eyebrows were so sparse, I knew it would take longer to see desired results.


Week Three

Week three is when I started to slack. I call it slacker week. Distractions and a different work schedule kept me from applying Rapid Lash every evening. Even though I wasn’t diligent about remembering to use it each day, I still saw a few small results.


Week Four

Determined to stay on track, week four was great as far as maintaining daily application and also seeing results. I soon fell back into the habit of applying Rapid Lash every evening and by the end of the week I was very surprised. (Surprised in a good way.) My brows were still far from perfect, but there was an abundance of new growth. The thinned out areas no longer looked sparse. And I noticed a huge difference in my eye area. The new brow growth seemed to frame my eyes and made my features stand out. My upper eye area also didn’t look as tired. The plan was to continue using Rapid Lash until my brows looked exactly how I’d imagined. Although I didn’t want the dreaded Instagram brows, I did want them fuller and filled in with a natural appearance. And then a wrench landed in the middle of my well laid out brow plan. At the beginning of week five, I’d swiped and dipped Rapid Lash to its last drop. I’m not sure why, but I felt deflated. I couldn’t continue my brow goal without Rapid Lash. I never use automatic reorder, but this time I wish I had.


Rapid Lash Actually Worked

Rapid Lash turned into a rabbit hole that lead to a wonderland. A wonderland of decently filled in eyebrows. I have to thank the very heavily, overdone Instagram brows that initially horrified me. They still do. (Folks, it’s not a look you want to wear and show off in real life. At least the bad ones.)

This is a product that wasn’t something shiny, gimmicky and full of promise which then bombed and disappointed. It’s the unicorn of products that actually lived up to expectations and marketing. Think of Rapid Lash as the unbroken seashell on the beach; hidden and protected, but ready for you to discover. I’m not sure why I’m so surprised it worked, but I am. It almost feels as if I should throw a party for my eyebrows. I went from thinning brows with the odd bald spot that made me look sleepy to what they used to look like several years ago- natural and filled in. Perhaps it’s because I’m a beauty junky, but I truly love when a product works and lives up to its reviews.

A new tube of this amazing gel/serum is on its way. (And so I don’t run out, I ordered two more.) Rapid Lash is what many people have used to jumpstart eyebrow growth. I’ve used it myself for rapid eyebrow growth and with astonishing results.



by sally